Technical Official

The role of the volunteer technical official is integral to the success of events and the growth of the sport. They help to create positive race experiences for all competitors by ensuring that races are safe and fair.

The Technical Official's primary responsibility is the safety of the athlete. They are responsible for ensuring that an event is run in accordance with the International Triathlon Race Competition Rules. They need to know and understand the rules, and be able to apply them fairly in all aspects of the event.

KZNTA always needs the assistance of parents and supporters who are willing to help in any way - marshalling, officiating and assisting at events.

If you are able to, and would like to assist, then please volunteer your services from the Contact Us page.

Those who are willing to be trained up as Technical Officials will initially be required to attend a short training course and write a brief exam. These will be co-ordinated by the province.

Volunteering through officiating is hugely rewarding by not only helping competitors enjoy the sport, but also to gain great personal experiences across the country and beyond.

Technical Officials and helpers are always needed – please volunteer your services and help us develop the sport in KZN!