Basic Rules

Using common sense and being courteous will cover most of what will be listed below!
These are the very basics and may change from time to time.
Please familiarise yourself with the full ITU rules.

  1. Have Good manners! Be polite! Be courteous! Show respect for others - all others!
  2. Arrive early - well before your race starts.
    • You will need to register and pick up your race pack, if there is one.
      The queues might be long, so flying in just before your event starts won't do much for stress levels - neither yours nor the referees'!
    • You will need to check your bike in to transition.
    • You will need to make sure you know the routes for each leg of your event.
      It is YOUR responsibility to know where you are going, NOT the marshalls'.
  3. Obey the rules.
    • As soon as you arrive at the venue and until you leave, you are under race rules.
    • Triathlon, duathlon and Aquathlon are multi-disciplinary sports. Each discipline has its own set of rules - Follow them all!
    • If you have your bike with you, your helmet must be on your head and clipped in.
    • Remember the Manners. You do not want to be disqualified for being rude to an official.
  4. Transition
    • Only the athlete is allowed into transition. (Unless a para-triathlete is allowed assistance due to his / her disability.)
    • Transition normally closes a while before the first event starts - get to the venue early.
    • There will probably be a queue while you wait. Be patient.
    • The technical officials will want to check your helmet and your bike.
    • Set your transition area up within the requirements of the ITU rules
    • Mums and dads, you may not go into transition to help your first-timer child set up their transition.
      • Speak to a technical official. They will be more than happy to take your child's hand, take him / her into transition, show him / her where to set up and explain how transition works. (Most of them have been in your shoes!)
      • You may stand on the outside of the fence and offer vociferous encouragement and support!
  5. Technical Officials - Be polite and treat them with respect. They will do the same to you.
    • They are volunteers and are there to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the race.
    • They have a lot to do on race day.
    • Listen to what they say and obey their instructions.
    • Do not argue with them. They know the rules and actually want to help you.
    • They are human beings and get stressed. Let them do their jobs!
  6. Enjoy yourself and have fun! Isn't that what sport is all about?
  7. Volunteer!
    KZN Triathlon always needs additional hands on deck!
    Any assistance you can offer will be gratefully accepted!