Why Register?

Abbreviations used in the text will be as follows:
ITU - International Triathlon Union.
TSA - Triathlon South Africa.
KZNTA - KZN Triathlon Association.

  • Selection for Provincial / National Teams – As a registered KZNTA Athlete you are eligible for selection to our Provincial Triathlon and Duathlon Teams (age 12 and up) who compete at the SA Triathlon and SA Duathlon Championships. This in turn also makes you eligible for selection to the TSA Teams selected to go to World Championships.
  • Day Licences – Day Licences will apply to all un-registered Athletes at all events E.g. Tinman Triathlon Series of events, Ironman, 70.3, the 5150 and so on. As such, the amount paid for registration will ultimately be the same as, or less than, the amount you would spend on Day Licences without consideration of the other benefits one gets as a registered member.
  • Communication – KZNTA emails Newsletters are sent to all KZNTA registered Athletes, keeping them updated with events and relevant information during the course of the season. Information is posted regularly on the TSA website and this website is updated regularly with additional information.
  • Administration and Support – Athletes receive professional administrative assistance from KZNTA and the TSA offices and all KZNTA Team members receive Team Management Support at National Championships, funded by the Membership. Any KZNTA Athlete who has been part of our Teams, will tell of the fantastic support and professional manner in which our Teams are managed and handled by Team Management supporting our Provincial Teams travelling to the SA Triathlon Championships and the SA Duathlon Championships.
  • Quality Events – KZNTA and TSA ensure quality events, making sure that races that are held in accordance with the highest ITU technical principles and competition rules, by sanctioning events within our borders.
  • Development – the athlete's registration assists both KZNTA and TSA to administer and develop the sport, officials and athletes.
  • International Event participation – Athletes participating in events overseas will need to provide proof of their affiliation to the National Body i.e. your KZNTA/TSA registration.
  • Elite Athletes – you would need to be a registered Athlete should you qualify and want to participate as an elite athlete on the national or international circuit.
  • Athlete Representation – KZNTA acts as the communication/ representation between athletes and the national body, Triathlon South Africa, via our Provincial representation on the Board. A large, well organised province like KZNTA, is obviously a louder and clearer voice to be heard, so we need your support to be heard.
  • Sponsorship and Support – Your registration is important as, the more registered Athletes there are, the bigger the bargaining power of KZNTA/TSA to negotiate sponsorship and other support agreements for the benefit of the Athlete in our sport, in particular with reference to the staging of events and training courses.
  • Social Network – As a registered KZNTA / TSA athlete, you will meet other athletes from all over South Africa and, in particular, should you be selected to go to an ITU World Championship for Triathlon or Duathlon as an Elite or Age Grouper, you also meet athletes from all over the World who are passionate about the sport of Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathlon. Your KZNTA /TSA membership affiliates you to this global family of like-minded people. Check out to see what the ITU keep busy with. They were the people that worked hard to get the sport of Triathlon into the Olympics.
  • Athlete Insurance – All registered members of KZNTA/TSA are automatically covered by way of the TSA Athlete Insurance.
    NOTE – The cover may change from time to time and you can get the full and detailed information from Triathlon South Africa. The cover applies to all athletes between the ages of 12 and 75, whilst participating in official events held under the auspices of TSA, including TSA Official Training activities. Full details can be obtained from the TSA Offices.